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Warszawa (HQ)


Towarowa 22
05-077 Warszawa
P:+ 48 531 789 101


Instructor :
Marcin Michalik Lipka (MDS General Manager Poland) - Level 2
E-mail :

Website : https://mastrodefencesystem.pl/

Passion and Experience Trainer with over 20 years of experience. For 30 years associated with sports and martial arts. Precursor of Krav Maga in Poland and Europe. Holder of the prestigious Master title awarded in Israel, where he was one of the few Poles able to conduct training. The creator of the first professional school Krav Maga in Warsaw, which he opened in 1999. They were a sparring partner of Tomasz Adamek, Przemysław Saleta, Mateusz Kopec, Krzysztof Jotko and Jan Błachowicz. Personal trainer of high-level managers, politicians and screen stars. Personal Safety Expert Marcin Michalik-Lipka is also a personal security expert who protected the top night clubs and private individuals for 10 years. Marcin's rich experience resulted in cooperation with Meissner and Partners, where he became the Consultant for Safety and Counterterrorism. Many companies used its proprietary conflict and stress management programs Siemens, Pramerica, Santander, Software AG, IBM, PEKAES, SAS or Sanofi. Marcin is happy to share his knowledge, which is why he often hosts television programs, to which he is invited as an expert