Fred Mastro


Who is Frédéric Mastro ?fred mastro picture

Frédéric Mastro is an expert in personal defense. With his experience of mid-night portering and close protection for more than 20 years, he has created a simple, effective and realistic system to deal with the various assaults of the current urban violence. Evolving in the world of the security it has to adapt certain techniques in order to answer the needs and legislation in rigor. There is therefore personal self-defense and professional self-defense. What he brought to MDS TACTICAL.

The selection : 

Fred Mastro wants to be selective in the choice of his students and the techniques taught. The MDS therefore encompasses a whole series of techniques, tactics and behaviors that are specific to the various security and close protection professions as well as to civilians (the latter must have all the conditions of good honorability). They have proved many times their efficiency in real conditions!

Based on the reality of the street!

The MDS offers a professional system of personal defense and control of individuals based on the experience of many agents of the world of night, private and public security and APR.

The private or the professional will adopt an appropriate purpose according to the type of aggression and the level of risk, the response must be proportional to the attack. This makes the MDS an ideal work tool for anyone working in the field of private or public security.

Experience :

Courses and personal defense courses are offered to help the professional to work more safely and to preserve his physical integrity, that of his colleagues as well as that of the assailant or the aggressor.